Say Something - When To Contact Authorities

AS ALWAYS: Never approach an unattended item or suspicious person.  If you need to report a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 and give the operator your location or bus or train number.

If you "See Something" that is suspicious and not a life threatening emergency, you should contact the Metro Sheriffs. You can do this by contacting a Metro Sheriff's Deputy in person or by phone.


  • You see a suspicious item.
  • You see an individual drop off a suspicious item on or near a bus or train.
  • You see someone using cameras (still or video), drawing diagrams or annotating on maps,  using vision-enhancing devices, and being in possession of floor plans or blueprints of places throughout the transit system.
  • You see an individual testing or using probing techniques or attempting to gather data on the transit system.
  • You see an individual carrying unusual items inconsistent with other transit patrons (fuel cans, explosives, items with wires sticking out of it).
  • You see or hear someone monitoring law enforcement frequencies or recording response times.
  • You see someone soliciting on or around any bus, train or Metro property.
  • You see someone using or selling narcotics on or around any bus, train or Metro property.
  • You see a crime in progress.

You may call them at:  (888) 950-SAFE (7233)

BY P-TEL: (Passenger Assistance Telephones)
These are located throughout the Metro system at every entrance or Ticket Vending Machine and turn-style on the Red line.

You can contact any Metro Security or Sheriff's deputy to report suspicious activity.