Say Something Overview

Transit riders who see something suspicious or unusual while using the Metro system can do their part in keeping the Metro safe for everyone and, “Say Something”.

“Say Something” means to report suspicious objects, unattended bags or unusual behavior at a Metro station or on a bus or train. By contacting law enforcement or Metro and describing, when, where, who and what were suspicious or unusual, are the key components to “Say Something”.

The best way to thwart an attack or uncover a plot of terrorist activity is to say something as soon as you see something. If a person leaves behind a bag or other object don't hesitate or "wait and see" before you report what you have seen. If you witness any of the "signs of terrorism," there is no harm in alerting authorities immediately - only in delaying your report. If it turns out to be an innocent mistake then as the old saying goes "better safe than sorry."

Metro wants everyone to stay safe! Watch the Say Something” video below: