Pets On Board Or In Metro Facilities

The following is an excerpt from the Metro Customer Codes of Conduct as of 01/26/12

A. Animals are not permitted in Metro facilities or vehicles, unless one of the following applies: 

1. The animal is in a secure carrier;
2. The animal is a certified police or security animal and is accompanied by a peace officer;  or 
3. The animal is a service animal, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and
is accompanied by a patron.  A Metro representative may ask whether an animal is a pet and what service the animal performs for the handler.

B. Handlers shall maintain control of their animals.  No animal is permitted in a Metro facility or vehicle that is not under the control of its handler or poses a threat to a Metro representative or patrol.  A non-service animal may be ejected if it unreasonably annoys patrols.

C. Handlers of animals shall promptly remove all animal waste from Metro facilities and vehicles.  Leaving animal waste in a Metro facility or vehicle is prohibited.  

D. Handlers must ensure that an animal shall not deprive a patron of a seat or block an aisle.