Awareness Training Course Introduction

Being aware of your surroundings in a transit environment is key to maintaining a safe travelling experience for everyone. The more we can learn about what to be aware of as we ride the buses or trains or pass though terminals, stations, parking lots and other areas, the more we can keep ourselves and others safe.  Once we are aware of what is suspicious or an indication of potential terrorist activity, we need to notify authorities in an accurate and timely manner.

If you have travelled before, you know that you should keep your luggage with you at all times and never leave it with anyone else to watch.  Conversely you should never watch anyone else's luggage should they want to step away from it, even for what seems to be a short amount of time.

This awareness training is going to explain more than the "do's" and "don'ts" of travel.  It is going to explain and show you how to watch and read the behaviors of people around you to determine if they may be suspicious or not according to the Department of Homeland Security guidelines.  It is going to explain and show you how to look around the area that you are either sitting or standing in or just walking through to determine if there is anything out of place or odd that could be considered suspicious or life-threatening.  It is recommended to work through the training in the order listed to get the most out of it.

The training is based on watching a scene of activity in a typical transit waiting area and then guiding the user through a series of lessons on certain activities that could be considered indications of terrorist activity and why.
While most of the activity in the video below appears to be normal, there is some activity that could possibly indicate terrorist activity in the area.  Can you spot those activities? Watch the video below and then go on to the lessons listed at the left to further examine and uderstand the threats in this transit area.